Saturday, June 4, 2016

The chaos

Life has been so busy and crazy that I am still posting pictures from back in May.  Oh well, better late than never I guess.

 Matthew is so happy to have his "very own" dog.  We took Dilbert to Petsmart to get a new leash and collar and it is so obvious how much he just loves going out. 

Proud dog owner. 

We realized one day... Hmmm.... who is going to let Dilbert out during the day while we are at work?  So we put in some dog doors and Kris made us a fence so that we had a Dog Run Dilbert could access while we are away.   I was amazed at how quickly he built it and put it up!  thanks Kris!!

I think someone is super happy to have Dilbert home.  What do you think?

No words capture how cute these two sleeping puppies are...zzzzzz.... but then.....

The cat meowed!

Say cheese Ethan. 

Yes I really can take three dogs and two kids under 5 all for a walk at once.... I really am super mom!

Jeff came to pick up Willoughby for their week with him (we co-raise him) and all three dogs wanted to go with him. 

Dilbert loves our porch so much that he will even lay out on it in the rain.... so strange.... maybe with all that fur he doesn't know its raining. 

Investigating the world. 

Very special!  Mr. Kris let the boys sit on his bike before he sold it.  Matthew is super excited and I think Ethan was terrified. 

Ethan about to try dried seaweed at school for the first time......

The reaction!!!  I think he loved it.  What do you think?

Oh Willoughby!

Now that is a cute face!

Ducks as school

I came up to go to bed and ..... not one of these three boys is suppose to be in my bed.... but more importantly.... where am I suppose to sleep?

I love my little guy so much!

What a silly goof!

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