Thursday, June 2, 2016


I got the most wonderful phone call in early May.   Our guide dog leader was calling me to see if I would be interested in taking back Dilbert.  He was being retired due to some sort of gate rate miss match or something.... Don't really get what was the exact reason but I didn't really care!

Guide dogs will re-pair a dog with a new partner up until they are four.  Dilbert turns four in June and after the fiasco of them accidentally giving Vigo to another family after he was retired I think they decided Dilbert was close enough to four.

 I couldn't be more excited!!! We have been looking for a dog for Matthew as he keeps saying he wants a puppy that we don't have to give away.  Well now he has his very own well trained and very cute retired guide dog.  Dilbert Couldn't be more perfect for us! Of all the dogs we've raised he is by far one of my favorites!!!

Welcome home Dilbert!!!! We are over the moon excited to have you home!!!!

Dilbert seemed to know where he was when we pulled into our street.  I didn't pick him up at the airport- a friend did.  So when he got to our house he was super excited to see us! 

He went running into the house and ran in circles.  He quickly ran through the house looking for me.  Poor guy had to wait all afternoon for me to come home for work.  I bet he was a bit confused.  "this is the house I remember.... but where are my people?"
Our three puppies!!! Really never planned to have two guide dog puppies and a retired dog all at once but oh well, the more the marrier right? 

Oh how I love that face!

Words can not express how happy I am to have my best fuzzy bud dilly back home!!
These guys are gonna be best friends fast I can tell.

Now that is a unique way to play tug...

What do you do when you have three smelly puppies that all need baths??  Why, just put them all in the shower at once of course.  The Kaplun Puppy Salon and Day Spa at its finest.

Is there room for me in there guys to actually bathe you?

Oh the smell of three wet clean washed puppies... That's a lot of wet dog..

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