Sunday, September 15, 2013

Aspen day 3

Day three was another rainy day.  We got up early to go to the hot air balloon show but when we got there everything was cancelled due to rain.  We then tried to go to breakfast but nothing was open yet.  Feeling defeated we headed back home and went swimming.

After a long nap we walked around town, visited the aspen brewery ( who was out of all but two kinds if beer, ate dinner and then headed to the air balloon show 's night glow.  At the show the wind kept blowing over the balloons so only a few could stay up.  One even caught on fire. 

We had a good fun day despite the weather, but I'm really hoping for some sun tomorrow!  

A cloudy Rainey view of the mountains.

What to do with a three year old when it won't stop raining.  You sit in the hot tub in the rain.

The weather got a bit better at night and we were able to go to the Night Glow.  The wind made them have to come down pretty quickly though.

Having fun!

Me and my boys.

This is Matthew's super excited expression

the wind blew the balloon into the flame

the damage from the fire

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