Thursday, October 30, 2014

Random Shots

I wish this picture came with sound.... he is making a great "pppptttttt" sound  and he thought it was super funny!  Fortunately we thought it was pretty funny too. 

while Ethan was being silly, Matthew was finally peacefully sleeping. 

Matthew?  What is wrong with your PJ's?  Oh, I see, you have put two books and a ton of toys in them.  Of course, why didn't I guess that. 

Matthew is exercising with his PJ's full of toy balls

Grandma took this picture of us playing in the hot tub on vacation. 

Matthew stuffed 35 toy plastic balls in to his PJ's and then went to sleep .  he slept all night like this.  What a goof!

"Matthew won't let me take a shower with him!!!  I am going to scream and scream and  stamp my feet in the bath and scream some more until my face turns all red!!"  "Mom.... do you think all this screaming will let Matthew let me in the shower with him?  What?  It won't????  Well then I guess I will just scream some more!"

Ihop Scary face pancake!!!!

Happy face chocolate pancake!!!  Ethan loved the cherries and whipped cream. 

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