Saturday, October 18, 2014

More random photos of my wonderful boys

Oh Matthew... Why won't you sleep in your own Big Boy bed?

My little sleepy lion.

They had a pony come to Matthew's school. 

How cute and fuzzy is our club's newest puppy?!?

What a face!

Poor Ethan developed periorbital cellulitis.  This is actually a very dangerous infection and I was so relieved when he got better on antibiotics!!  He was so miserable... see how swollen his left eye is?

My poor sick sleepy boy couldn't even stay awake on the way home from day care. 

Fun at our local children's museum!

Ethan doesn't care if he is small.... he just climbed right up and did what ever the big kids did.
Ball!  Ball!

Ethan just loves anything that is a ball!

My favorite time of the day... Bath time!!

Yeah!  Bubbles!!

Family Photo for day care. 

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