Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silly Phantom!

Phantom is sound asleep with his leg up on the window.

I was at a big meeting at work and this is how Phantom choose to lay.  What a goof 

He walk right up to Kit and laid down this way. 

We were getting ready for bed and we broke the rules and were snuggling with phantom on the bed.   He was so soundly  asleep in a matter of seconds that even matthew moving his legs all over the place didn't wake him.  He was so asleep he was even snoring.  I guess he figured if he was going to get a few seconds on the bed he would make good use of it. 

Phantom in costumes at colorado Guide Dog fun day. 

Phantom!  You are not suppose to be on the couch!  And more importantly!  What are you doing in that strange position!

Pahntom!!!! Again....You are not suppose to be sleeping on the sofa and more importantly.... you can not take up the ENTIRE sofa!

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