Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trying to get caught up.

Matthew sleeps in such strange positions. 

Really?  You snuck back into my bed again?  I put you to sleep every night in your bed and then when I come up to go to bed there you are in my bed.  You silly boy. 

A sweet sleeping puppy

Really?  Now how did this happen?  Neither of you are suppose to be in my bed!  And what is with the bucket Matthew.    On a side note, where am I suppose to fit in the bed?  


"I really really want to eat the bubbles!"

Bubbles are so fun to play with!

A Child's joy is priceless!

I love this smile!

What a fun bath night!

Tunnels at day care!

Playing in sand at school. 

Stamp, stamp, stamp

Grandpa took Matthew to the local Air show.  

Matthew loves planes and had a blast!

Wow!  He even got to ride in an army jeep. 

"What mom?  I'm not suppose to eat the apple before we pay for it?  But I'm hungry."

"I think I will just dump the puppy's water bowl on my head.... that sounds like fun!"

"ETHAN!!! why is TV remote in the toilet!!! AGH!!!"

Matthew is doing great riding his bike all over the place. 

Play ground fun!

"Mom, can I please have some of this yummy water?"

"oh yeah, I am too sexy for for hat, for my hat"

"please play tug with me, PLEASE"

"what'ca doing?  Wanna play?"

The card speaks for itself. 

Denmark and Phantom... Denmark is Dilbert's career changed  brother. 

Matthew had Pigs visit them at school.  

Matthew was super excited by the pumpkin that  Grandma Johns brought him. 

Someone is IN LOVE with his Iron Man suit.  He  spent nearly 20 minutes playing with his suit  in the mirror. 


My sweet sleepy boy. 
Last weekend we went up to Red Feather Lakes and spent the day with my whole family at a friends cabin.  It was fabulous to see all my family and to spend the day in the outdoors.  Matthew wore his Iron man suit the entire day!

The wood bears by the door were a big hit!

Kids are just so sweet and pure.  They warm my heart. 

Playing outdoors in the fresh crisp mountain air!

Daddy is Chillin'

The "boys" playing with sticks!

"look Mommy, I have a stick!"

Iron Man is stick fighting with Grandpa. 

what an exhausting day!!!  Iron Man zonked out quickly on the way home but never did let go of his  "stick sowrd". 

Matthew working on his writing at school. 

Matthew was learning about native american's this past week at "school".

Not again!  you are suppose to be in your bed.  

Your brother is sleeping... it is 12:30 am on a week night.  Why are you up watching sesame street at this hour in the morning?

Wow!  Look at that rose cheeks!

"Thanks for the bath, mom, but can I please go run around all crazy now?"

My sweet puppy at work.   He keeps me smiling throughout the day.  I am not certain I could work doing what I do with out the sweet puppy kisses when I come back to my office in-between patients. 

I went into day care to get the kids and when I came back out this is what I found.  Phantom, you know you can't drive!

Both boys are overjoyed about their new slide.  Matthew quickly taught  Ethan how it works. 

Colorado Guide Dog Fun day!  Poor Phantom, no respect!

Exhausted after a full day of GDB outings and IKEA.   Phantom!  You are not suppose to be on the sofa... what are you doing?

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