Saturday, October 18, 2014


"You can't take my blanket from me... even when I'm sleeping!" 

"Grandma thinks she is so sneaky and can hide my dinosaur blanket from me... I will climb up anything to get to it!"

"did you say food?"

So sweet when he is sleeping

My mom and I went and saw Keith Urban in concert in Denver!  We had a ton of fun!

Dinner time fun!

I asked matthew to put clothes on to go to the grocery store and this is what he put on. 

Matthew and Ethan insisted on putting the new shelves together  for the basement. 

Matthew wanted to have a chance on top too. 

Tour de fat!

Good Boy Phantom!

My Boys!!

Ethan and I got photo bombed by Phantom's big nose. 

That's better!

Ethan can't figure out exactly what the silly tour de fat pirate is all about. 

Loving the blow up climbing gym!

Wait a minute, that's not how we eat popcorn!

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