Saturday, October 18, 2014


For my mom's 65th birthday I wanted to something really special to tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am for all of her help I am.  So I bought us tickets and took her to the Us Tennis Open in NY!  It been a dream of both of ours to go to this, why not just go?!?

Exabition match with some oldies but goodies!

Night match!!

Can't believe we are actually here!!!!

Go Federer!!!

This is sooooooo awesome!!!

Mom is having a blast enjoying her ridiculously priced glass of wine!


Our first night at the open was a fantastic 5 set match!!

The draw board

day # 2... it is hot and sunny!

I can't believe we are here!

The grounds

Walk of fame... Andre!

More of the grounds

Practice courts


The Bryan Brothers on the practice court. 

wheelchair matches. 

Wow!  I didn't even know he was still alive!

The whole complex is so awesome!

Day 2 was hot as all get out and we had seats in the sun!

We didn't care if it was hot... we had a blast anyways!

I loved the radio that we got and I was very thankful for the cooling blanket that I brought with us. 

an awesome afternoon of Tennis!  Women's Semifinals. 

The World. 

What an afternoon!

Day #3 was rainy... but we didn't care!  we held down our seats and just waited the rain out. 

Watching the players up close is so awesome

We stayed around for the women's doubles finals to watch Hingis play.  

The stadium is so beautiful at night!

We went out for breakfast on day #4. 

Look how yummy!!! that looks!

Up close and personal

Do we look happy or what?!?

Way to hold the world mom!

Watching Serena Williams practice before the  Women's Finals.

Todd Martin

John McEnroe

Women's Finals. 

Muchas Hubbub. 

And Sirena Wins. 

After the finals we literally RAN into New York city and went to see the musical Wicked the musical.  It was fantastic!!!!  Afterwards we wondered around time square and had a late night meal at a wonderful italian restaurant. 

Time Square

We loved the M&M store!!
I think someone likes his Us Open hat.

silly goof.... That is a giant tennis ball that we need to blow up. 

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