Saturday, October 18, 2014


Here are some fun pictures of my boys!
Ethan playing on one of his new birthday toys.

Phantom checking out the baby geese in the parking lot at my office

Yum!  Milkshakes!

Matthew is becoming so good at walking with the puppies. 
Phew, its so tough being little. 

Hey.... Phantom isn't suppose to be up on the seat!

"Yeah for dinner... I think I will put my sour cream in my hair instead of in my mouth."

New batman stickers for his wall.... someone is really excited!

Fun at the playground

Yeah!  And round and round and round we go!

Matthew?  Why are you putting your face into that puddle of water?

I finally made it to the big beaver!!!!!!

Matthew really enjoyed their meatball subs!  I think it is nearly as big as he is!

Ethan!  What are you doing with Mommy's beer?

Ethan loves sausage!  Who knew?

Children are so sweet when they are asleep!!!

Happy birthday Ms. Bobbi!!!

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