Thursday, October 23, 2014

Grandparent Appreciation Weekend

Every fall for the past two years or so I have taken my parents on a week vacation to thank them for everything they do to help us out.  This year they choose to go to Moab, UT.   We are only going for 5 days this year instead of a whole week but some is better time is better than none.  We started off on our adventure today and it has been a beautiful drive through the mountains so far.

Look what Matthew did while I was getting ready today

Off we go and Ethan was fast asleep

10 minutes into the drive Matthew was already asking if we were there yet

We stopped at Idaho springs for lunch and played on the old train that they have there. 

Who's that up there in the train?

Lunch time

The old train

Looking inside

inside the old train

the Family - minus daddy

Matthew insisted on using our "emergency" potty - silly boy. 

"going on a bear hunt"
Beautiful stream


water wheel
Getting our wiggles out

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