Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dilbert and Matthew update

The month of July was a blurr.  I worked up until the day I had to be induced.  I delivered a beautiful baby boy - Ethan Alexander Kaplun on July 12th - Details and photos to follow.   Below are a bunch of photos of what Matthew and Dilbert have been up to over the past month.   

"Come on mom.... please can't I chew on this shovel"

lazy day laying in a sun beam

Matthew is going to be such a great Guide Dog Raiser!

Matthew loves using Ethan's bathtub as a boat. 

AGH! Scary hair clip monster

Matthew loves to help.  Here he is helping Grandma hammer  in our new edging.  

Dilbert loves his teddy bear. 

I took Matthew and Ethan for an early morning walk.   We ended up at the sprinkler park.   Don't we all wish we could run around at 7am in our undies. 

Puddle jumping

Matthew helping he hammer in more edging. 

Two weeks postpartum - I hiked up to Dream and Emerald lake with my parents and Ethan.

Beautiful Clouds as seen from our porch

Matthew pretending to be a baby. 

We called the tooth fairy and asked her to come and take away Matthew's bed time pacifiers.  Here Matthew and Dilbert are looking out the window to see if they can find the Tooth fairy.    

Matthew's first real haircut.  

Totally illegal guide dog behavior!!!!  What a naughty dog!

Grandpa Johns and Matthew building a toy truck from Home Depot

Really Dilbert... Why are you still trying to eat pacifiers?

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