Monday, October 12, 2009

My first tiered cake

A friend of mine just passed her certification boards and I wanted to help her celebrate by making her a cake.  So I attempted my first four tiered cake.  I learned a lot from this experience that I thought I would share:

1) one should not attempt to bake a four tier cake that requires 8 layers when you are sick with the swine flu - you end up screwing up a lot of cakes and having to throw them away or feed them to your husband.

2) wedding cakes are often dry because moist yummy cakes are soft and therefore don't really hold up when stacked.

3) Using pudding as a layer filling, although yummy, is not a good idea for the bottom layer of a tiered cake as it makes the layer very soft and prone to becoming swamp like.

4)A four tiered cake is very heavy and difficult to transport, especially when leaning and starting to collapse.

5) When transporting a four tiered cake it is not a good idea to use a laundry basket, even if the basket has handles, because people don't find a collapsed fallen over cake very appealing when it is in a plastic laundry basket.

6) When starting to serve a leaning four tier cake, don't start at the bottom.

7) People will eat anything if it is free, even falling cake.

8)Its the thought that counts not the outcome.

The Cake before its demise: (notice it is already starting to lean to the right)

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lauren said...

Impressive! So where's the "after" picture??