Friday, June 10, 2011

One Freak of a Storm

The other night I woke out of a very sound sleep to the sound of pounding of hail on our house.  I rushed downstairs and grape size pea was falling on our porch.  Then it got smaller and just poured hail.  It was crazy.  The hail was pouring off our roof like water.  It was crazy!!

That is not Snow!!!  Its a few inches of pea size hail!

I had feed vigo on the porch tonight.... its now almost full of rain and hail.

The street was flooding fast and if you look at our neighbors house a cross the street, you can see the hail piling up on driveway and pouring off the roof. 

The next morning - our neighbor had covered his "precious" truck.  Smart actually. 

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Erin and Co. said...

I feel for you guys! The last hail storm that came through here damaged soooooo many cars! Its been over a month and my parents just got their car back from being fixed and another friend is still looking for a car.