Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Early Father's Day

I wanted to do something special for my husband for father's day this year since it is his first.  So I bought this kit thing and built a very large work bench and put together a big bin organizer for his tools.  Then I cleaned out and organized the third bay in the garage so he can use it as a work space rather than the basement.  I have one other gift up my sleeve but I can't say yet in case he reads this....that one he is going to have to wait till next weekend for.

After cleaning up the space where the new bench is going to go and after a very nice friend of mine delivered the wood I bought... Matthew and I started trying to put things together.  Matthew was a great helper... cheering me on!

One thing I had to figure out was making the stupid saw work.  I eventually figured it out and got down to the business of measuring and cutting.  And I managed to NOT cut off a finger!  

After about 5 hours of work and a few curse words I had a beautiful workbench and bin organizer to present to my husband.  

The finished product... a work space in the garage for my honey....  He seemed to really be surprised and loved it. 

Alex and I went to a new restaurant in town tonight.  They had a bunch of columbines out front.  I snapped this quick so it is blurry but I just love these flowers... they are so pretty!

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