Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Ready for Diapers

Raising Guide Dog Puppies has been a great experience for Alex and I.  I think it's really preparing us for the adventures of parenthood.  As many of you know we have two GDB puppies this week.  Kermit has had a lot of problems with diarrhea in the past.  Well, yesterday he had an episode of diarrhea in the house on the carpet and then this morning we woke up to diarrhea on our bath mat in our bedroom (I guess he is going back in his crate tonight).  Then this afternoon I took him out to go and he had more in the back yard.  While I was trying to scoop this up, Anthony came running over and stepped right in the middle of the pile of poop getting it all over his paw and leg and then ran off.    UGH!!!   Our wet vac is coming in handy and all this cleaning of poop is getting us ready I guess for cleaning lots of poopy diapers.  I just hope that cleaning a baby's butt is easier than scrubbing it out of the carpet or out of Anthony's paw.

On a side note, my poor sweet husband is still working on fixing our AC. He has been going at it nonstop for almost a week now.  Thank goodness it has been really cool at night.  He thinks he may have gotten the new motor in today and that all should be good to go.

Doesn't he look thrilled.  He was not happy with me taking this picture. He He.

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Amanda said...

Kyle has had the same problem with loose bowels and diarrhea. I've had him on Tylan powder (1/16 tsp 3X a day) for 20 days of a 21 day dose. After three days, his stools got fairly solid. Now they are completely solid. He is also fully transitioned to Eukanuba large breed puppy food as of yesterday. (We transitioned over 19 days with only a 2-4 more kibbles of new food a meal.) I'm nervous about going off the Tylan powder after tomorrow, but I've loved having Kyle on it. (I asked the vet if I can give him one dose a day for a few days to ease the transition and she said yes.) Since he is Kermit's brother, maybe the same routine will work for him. :)

You know you are a puppy raiser when talking about your dog's stools is no big deal. :)