Saturday, June 26, 2010

Watching Jorinda day #2

Little miss Jorinda did OK last night.  She got us up at 1am, 5am and 7am to pee.   The bigger problem was the winning and barking in her crate but we are working on it.  I have been really impressed with how smart she seems to be.  Watching her play with Anthony is amazing.  She tricks him and manipulates him in ways I have never seen an eight week puppy do.  

Sweet little puppy takes a nap. 
Her cute little face up close. 
She loves to use the pink dogie as a pillow. 
She also likes to cuddle up to the lamb.

We have Anthony this week and he came over early this morning.  It is so amazing to see how grown up he has become.  He plays go gently with Jorinda.  I have never seen an 8 week old puppy that wants to play so much tug.
Miss Jorinda thinks she can chew on a tug toy, silly girl.
Brianna and Rob are bringing Vigo over to play tonight.  Should be fun with Jorinda, Anthony and Vigo.  The annual Guide Dog Picnic is at our house tomorrow so there should be lots of fun puppy pictures to post in the next few days.  

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Anonymous said...

I would be careful posting pictures of GDB puppies with non-approved toys. They might have a teeny tiny problem with that. Just a thought!