Thursday, June 3, 2010

So proud!

I am so proud of how well behaved Anthony and Kermit were today.  My husband flew out to New Orleans today to visit a friend.  This left me with two puppies on my own.  I had offers to watch one of them but I have so enjoyed having them both this week that I wanted to keep them both.  Selfish I know, but hey I'm pregnant, I'm allowed a few indulgences.

So today I took both Anthony AND Kermit to work with me.  I put them on opposite sides of my office on tie downs and they could not reach each other.  They both just slept all day.  During lunch I took off their vest and let them play tug in the office.  They played quietly and gently and I was so proud of them.  I even took both of them to an afternoon meeting with me and they were so good laying next to each other and not playing.  The power of the vest!  Anthony got to lay on the side of the office that looked out into the hallway.  He loved watching all the patients come and go all day.

During lunch they actually stopped playing tug and both went to sleep.  They were so sweet. 

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