Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Day

It was a zoo in the Kaplun household today.  My husband was sick and couldn't get out of bed, my parents are visiting and my Dad and I had food poisoning.  My mom recently had ankle replacement surgery and is hobbling around in a giant cast. Our friends are moving and they dropped off their bird, pet rats and cat for us to watch, oh and we are watching Irene for the weekend.  And did I mention that Matthew has a double ear infections and the antibiotics that he is on are giving him horrible diarrhea.... like 10 episodes a day of explosive run down the leg diarrhea.  Oh yeah and he's getting two new teeth.  So needless to say today has been a bit cray... here are a few photos from the mayhem.

Matthew crawled in to play with Irene

Irene did not enjoy sharing her Kennel and so left after giving Matthew a bunch of kisses. 


Irene is a terrible garbage mouth!  Here she is with one of Matthew's toys - Stinker!

Irene was so silly... she would carry a toy up to the top of the stairs and then let it fall down and chase after it.  

Such a pretty girl.

Say cheese!

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Mrs. H said...

I do like the picutures! You are one amazing super mom -- you do it all!