Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guide Dog Picnic

Alex and I hosted our local Guide Dog for the Blind summer picnic again this year.  I think everyone had a good time.  Here are some pictures of the many puppies.

Sprint is HUGE.. at only 14 weeks of age. 

Miss Irene (6 months) just loved playing in the pool. 

You may recognize this puppy.... our second puppy that was career changed for health reasons right before becoming a guide.  

Jorinda and Cupid taking a snooze. 

So sweet... the student and the teacher. 

Left to right... Jorinda (14 mo), Cupid (8 years), Petunia (11 weeks)

Puppies are so sweet!

How can you not love those faces?

Most of the Fort Collins Gang.

My friend's son Darius playing drag... I mean tug with a puppy. 

Hoss and Spirit, warn out by all the activity. 

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Mama Mayhem said...

very very cute pictures! BTW new blog for the new way of life :)