Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Day #2

We had another crazy day today but not nearly as bad as yesterday.  Below are a few silly pictures of Irene misbehaving.

Irene kept grabbing Matthew's toys this weekend and we kept correcting her.  This was one of her favorites. It is a fish that goes over the faucet in the shower and she loved to stick her mouth in the hole.

Matthew says... "Irene!  Give me back my toy!"

Irene kept getting her nose stuck in the hole.  

Such a silly girl!

Matthew with rice all over his face (dinner) celebrates the return of his toy form Irene. 

Matthew just loves walking with Grandpa and pulling his new toy. 

View from out porch.

Grandpa and Matthew

"I love pulling my puppy"

Pretty View!

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Mama Mayhem said...

You are such a brave lady! I have enough on my plate but then I see you and go how does she do it?!You are amazing! Love you... and Matthew is getting so big and so cute!