Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rocks and water

I was outside watering the new plants that my mom had put in for me when Matthew ran through my the hose.  We then played for a long wile in the water.  spontaneous fun with kids is the best!
Ah, to be a kid!

Aggghhh, he's comimg to get me!

Matthew may love the sprinkler but Ethan loves buckets and rocks

I just love that smile!

Where's Matthew?

Poor sleepy Matthew, fell asleep on the floor... Its so exhausting to be 3. 

BOYS  IN THE BATH.... William and his Mom came over for dinner and afterwards the boys decided to all take a bath.  Phantom really wanted to join them too. 

Suckers are great for teething!  They taste lots better than plastic chew toys. 

Yum!   Scrambled Eggs!!!

Ethan!  Like I've said before, that is the puppy's and the Cat's water dish not a bath for you. 

up ups!!!
Our last guide dog outing was on the new Fort Collins Max line.  It was need to see over 10 Puppies all on one bus!

Guide Dog Puppy outing on the new MAX line

Future Raiser

While we were waiting to get back on the MAX line, Matthew and Alex played us some tunes. 

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