Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dilbert at work

Dilbert was so cute today that I just had to take a bunch of pictures of him. 

"I am such a tortured puppy! Can you believe this.  I am only 15 weeks old and she is making me wear a gentle leader AND a vest!  UGH!"

"I know we are going to work but I am REALLY not happy.  I will continue to glare at you until you take this stupid thing off my nose."

"Ok, now I'm really P.O. I am going to lay down here in the entrance to work and I will NOT move until you take this thing off my nose!!!!"

"getting to work was exhausting!  thank god that thing is off my nose."

Really Dilbert?  He slept like this for over an hour!

"why won't this chair move out of my way? Guess I'll just wrap myself around it."

"Is the cost clear?  She isn't hiding somewhere with that nose thing is she?"

"Finally! Were headed home.  Whew, what a tough day at work."

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