Monday, October 22, 2012

Summiting Flat Top Mountain

My brother and I went to RMNP this past weekend and climbed Flat Top Mountain.  Is is only 12,300ft tall but it was so windy that it sure was a work out to get to the top. 

Longs Peak as seen from Bear Lake

Part of Hallet mountain

Half way up!!!

Yeah!  I made it too!

Emerald lake as seen from above. 

Smoke from the Fern Lake Fire that is currently burning in RMNP

Yeah, we made it above tree line. 

One view from the summit

Chad on the sumitt.

Oh how we both wish we had skies on us to jump into this beautiful bowl. 

That is Hallet Peak in the back (13,000+ ft) and the section of snow you see is where we were standing previously.  It was a great hike and a wonderful day!

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