Thursday, March 17, 2016

My boys

"No!.... I wasn't chewing on the mat... really I wasn't.. really I wasn't.  I was just snuggling the  floor."

willoughby snoring though a meeting....

Smooth face...

I couldn't find the puppies and I started to freak out... Then I asked Matthew... and he said "oh... the puppies, they are in the play room".   I was so relieved that they were just sitting in there waiting for me.  What good puppies. 

Such sweet siblings. 

I opened the door to Maddie's car and both puppies jumped it... Kiki decided to drive. 

Hi cutie!

The puppies helping me with cleaning winter coats. 

Gotta love the horse at King Sopers

Oh Willoughby... what is with you and sleeping like this. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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