Thursday, March 17, 2016

Vegas again

I have to sit for my medical board again next year....ugh!!! But in preparation I went to a conference in VEGAS!  My  mom came with me and hung out at the pool while I was in class.  We had a lot of fun going to shows and I even surprised my mom and took her indoor skydiving the first afternoon we were there.

It is a prerequisite to go get amazing yummy drinks at Serendipity!!  It was the first thing we did

We actually even got food this time!

Can you believe this is all made of flowers?

All made of flowers!!

Mom and I having a great time hanging out at the Winn. 

Grandma with chewbaca!

AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!  He tried to kiss me!!!

One night before the show we were going to we got a fun smoking drink... it had dry ice in it. 


We went to a buffet one night and mom had a ton of  crab legs!

Grandma took a picture with desserts for the boys. 

Girls having fun!!

Fremont Street!
I love the roof of Fredmont street. 

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