Thursday, March 17, 2016


Oh the  cuteness of my boys....

cute Willoughby!

Silly daddy

Ethan he Easter Bunny

Matthew at school 
We went for hike in rocky mountain national park a few weekends ago.

Say Cheese

Matthew, Maddie and Kris

Kris and Matthew have so much fun together. 

Maddie's fiance Kris taking ethan on a walk to the Park. 

I tested for my Purple Belt after only one Month!!!  My friend Jody tested with me and we both pasted.!!  Yeah!  Girl Power!

I left the boys home for a day at home with Alex and somehow Ethana and Matthew ended up  Covered in Styrofoam. 

Boy Fun!!

HI guys!!!

"I am not happy about this bath guys!"

"you know you want to give me Bacon!"

oh such silly sleepers. 

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