Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scared silly

Anthony is a pretty fearless dog.  There isn't anything I have seen that he won't try.   Well, except for the dreaded car wash.  I first discovered that Anthony was scared of automatic car washes when he was about 4 months and we went through one.   Well, his co-raisers (Guys) just recently tried it again (twice) and he apparently was still quiet fearful.

I drove my hubby's car to work today (so he could take my car and go skiing, the lucky bum!) and it was so dirty that I could hardly see out of the windows.  So on my way home I stopped at a car wash and it wasn't until I was entering it that I realized....uh oh....I have Anthony with me and he doesn't like these. 

The next thing I know i have a shaking and quivering almost 50 pound puppy jump on my lap and cling to me like glue.  I felt so bad for the poor little guy but there was nothing I could do.  I tried several different techniques I've seen to try and get him to calm down but nothing worked.  When the wash finished I actually had to pull to the side and hold Anthony till he finally stopped shaking and would get off my lap so I could drive.  The rest of the way home he just had to be in contact with me and would only calm down if I let him rest his head on my arm.  I think since blind people are likely not to drive their cars through automatic car washes, I think I will just let him have his phobia and not take him through any more. 

"I can't help that I am scared of the car wash, all those brushes are just too nerve racking"

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