Sunday, February 7, 2010

GDB Update.

I want to start this posting with an update on some of the GDB puppies that have gone back recently.

Mystery - career changed at phase 8 and now back with her raisers
Dessa - currently in phase 10 - go girl go!!!
Tim - career changed.

And......drum roll please..... Gabrina is graduating!!!!! She is going to be so happy as a Guide Dog! Her raisers are going out for her graduation this coming weekend. We don't know where she is going to be working yet but we should find out from Maddie when she gets back from the graduation. For those of you who don't remember Gabrina, she is Gardner's litter mate and a great dog!

Gabrina at the 2008 GDB x-mas party.

Anthony is doing well. He is still having some growing pains but seems to be happy. He was kind of high energy after Guy's droped him off today so Alex tried to snuggle with him to get him to calm down. We ended up having to take him for a walk in the end but it was a fun walk seeing as it was snowing and dead quiet in the park.

Alex give Anthony a kiss, he is so glad to have him back this week.

Anthony settled down for a minute....just a minute.

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