Sunday, February 21, 2010

Colorado Adventures

There was a big snow storm moving through Colorado this weekend and Alex and I wanted to take advantage of it and hit the ski slopes.  My OB said I was safe to keep skiing until I was about 20-25 weeks as long as I was careful.  I wasn't sure how long I would last but I thought it would be worth a try.

We decided to head out late friday evening and get a "sleep cheep" hotel in Dillon.  When we left, there were tons of available rooms and the roads in Fort Collins were clear.  The drive ended up being a bit of a white knuckle drive with very slippery roads but we still made it there in just over 2 hours.  What we didn't know is that they had closed vail pass (the highway just past where we got off) and so everyone on the highway was suddenly looking for a hotel room.  Yikes!!!  We ended up getting really lucky and snagging a cancellation at the Days Inn.  

Come Saturday morning we were really glad that we had come up Friday night.  We talked to people on slopes later that day and the drive that took us just over 2 hours took people 4+ on Saturday  morning.  There was about 4-6 inches of fresh powder and the outback at Keystone was great!   I was being really careful and keeping my speed down so that I wouldn't have a bad fall and hurt the baby.   I quickly learned that going "slow" down blacks is a whole heck of a lot of work.   By the end of the day my legs were jello.  But I made it though the day with ZERO falls.  

View at the top of Mozart run as we headed to the "outback"

Say Cheese Alex.

View in the Outback

Late afternoon - Alex went for a few more runs while I sat in a lodge and drank hot chocolate and rested my legs and warmed up. 

We didn't do anything exciting saturday night - went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and then straight to bed, I was exhausted.   We got up early Sunday morning and boy was it great.  There was another 4-6 inches of fresh snow.  I really wanted to go to Vail but vail pass was still being intermittently closed and we didn't want to get stuck there so back to Keystone we went.  We were one of the first people on the slopes and none of the runs had been trecked out yet.  Alex headed to the back but I decided to take it easy today and stick to the easy blues in the front.  The first runs were AMAZING with all the fresh powder.

Do I look Pregnant yet?  I have to admit, my coat and pants barely close over my tummy.  This was my favorite run for the day- it is kind of hidden and so was completely empty.   The rest of the resort was SUPER crowded. 

Later on I had to stop for a breather, the run is over a mile long and Alex wanted to snap another picture.  It was a beautiful snowy day!

We thought we would be smart and leave early in order to beat the traffic home.  On our way to the highway we were in a line of cars that were passing a snow plow.  All the cars in front of us went by just fine but for some reason when we went by we got brown ice crud dumped all over us.   We couldn't see at all for what seemed like an eternity.  We were so covered in crud that we had to pull off into the first gas station and clean the car off.  

Alex has already cleared all of the crud off the windshield but you can tell by the rest of the car how covered we got.  We got a really good laugh out of it.  

After we could see again, we headed home and apparently a lot of other people had a similar idea.   We got stuck on the west side of the Eisenhower tunnel and sat for an hour waiting for them to open it.    When traffic gets that backed up they can't have cars sitting a mile into the tunnel and risk people dying of carbon monoxide poisoning ......   so we wait.....   The drive that normally takes us about 2 1/2 hours took us 4 1/2 hour.  

On a side note, we picked up Anthony on our way home and boy has he grown again.  No limping this past week so hopefully he is over his growing pains.  

Check back soon as I hope to post some videos soon.  

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