Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vigo is just too sweet!

This is Alex's and I's first full week with Vigo.  So far other than being a big pee producer he is one of the sweetest puppies I have ever seen.  He is so calm and learns so quickly.  My parents came out to visit for the week and Vigo decided to help my mom and I in the nursery by trying out the baby's play mat.

Vigo quickly went to sleep on the play mat while my mom and I looking at the crib.  Don't worry shortly after I took the picture I made him get up and move off the mat.

I got tired of sitting of the floor and snuggling with Vigo so I gave him to my mom to hold for awhile.  He is such a snuggler.  He started off on his back on her lap but quickly fell asleep and rolled over on his side.

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Maddie and Betsy said...

He is so incredibly cute!! Let me know if you are ever puppyless and want to borrow one of mine!
And I am so excited for your baby boy to be born :)