Thursday, December 1, 2011

Doing Great

Vigo seems to be settling in to his new life!  Monique has been fantastic and sends us frequent updates and pictures.  It warms my heart so much to see our boy so happy and working so well.  We raise these puppies and poor our hearts into them hoping that they will some day bring great joy and freedom to their blind partner.  It makes our efforts all seem so worth it.

Monique and Vigo out on their morning walk.

Seeing vigo working reminds me of why we put such effort into these dogs.  Petunia has driven me nuts lately.  She actually had the nerve to jump up and put her front paws up on Matthew's highchair and grab his breakfast.  She is the sweetest dog but is the worst garbage mouth I have ever seen!  She is smart and knows when I turn my head.  I feel bad because she is such a bad garbage mouth that she lives on a tie down or tied to my waist.  My hope is that someday she will give up and realize that no matter what she tries I am not going to let her eat everything.  

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