Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A very tight fit

Last week when I went to pick my parents up from the airport in Denver a set of four tires were accidentally left in my trunk. (long story... But the short of it is that my trunk was filled with tires). I did not know this of course, and headed out with the back seat full of work stuff, a car seat and petunia.
After I got my parents we realized we had a problem. We managed to some how squeeze all the luggage in the back seat. My dad drove while my mom, petunia and I all squeezed into the front seat of my small Carola. It really was an "aren't you glad you use dial" sort of hour ride home.

The picture is of petunia squeezed in between our feet. I had to hold one of my legs up the whole way home so I wouldn't completely smush her. I think that she was more comfortable than we were though.

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