Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fort Collins GDB Holiday Pary

Each year Alex and I host the Fort Collins Guide Dog Holiday Party.  We all have a great time and putty silly holiday outfits on the poor puppies. 

"this is so humiliating!"

"Oh the shame"

Mikiko is equally as unhappy with the dress up outfit. 

Virginia with her puppy

Attempt at a group shot

So Sweet

Tustisn... A career change 9 years ago due to being huge....

Yuma and I

Yuma... 4 months old

Brianna and Yuma

Montessa and I... she's 10 weeks old.


Montessa is just too cute!

Montessa with Antlers

Montessa is just so fuzzy and sweet. 

Irene.... too cute....

Another attempt at a group shot. 

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lauren said...

Your group pics look much more successful than our attempts at guatetot group pics!