Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vigo's Partner

As many of you know, I loved our guide dog puppy Vigo immensely!  I am so happy that he was placed with a very loving family.  His new partner is in her 70's and Vigo is her third guide dog.  I think Monique with take excellent care of him and they will be super happy together.  Every time I give a puppy that I've raised back to Guide Dogs, my heart breaks a bit.  But then when you see and feel the love between the dog and his new partner it makes my heart swell and then I know it is worth it.

Monique gave me permission to post the pictures she sent me.  Thanks Monique for sharing a bit of Vigo's new life with us.  We wish you both all the happiness the world has to offer.

A very proud looking Vigo..  What a beautiful dog he is! Settled in his new home. 

Doug, Monique and Vigo after they arrived back home. 

welcome to your new home Vigo!  

Monique walking Vigo in Oregon at the GDB campus. 

Vigo doing what he does best.... laying around.  This is in the lounge at GDB campus. 

I couldn't get this to turn.. sorry.   This too is in Oregon...  He really has grown up if he is willing to go out and guide in the rain.  I am so proud of you Vigo!  

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