Friday, November 25, 2011

So naughty!!

I must have the naughtiest puppy ever.  Petunia is normally so good at work.  She sleeps on a pillow on a tie.  I go back into my office after every patient and so she is alone for more than about 15 minutes at a time.  Today I came in the room around 4 and this is what I found.

Do you see that her vest is around her back leg  and the front banner is on the floor?  Yes she chewed off  her Vest!!

Look what she did to her BRAND NEW vest!  AGGHH!  So I put her in her kennel for the remainder of the day where she.....

Petunia pulled an extention cord into the kennel and chewed it in two!  It was inches away from her kennel... I don't know how she got it and age it with out electrocuting her self!

After all of that I decided she needed some "back time"!  What a naughty puppy!

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lindsey said...

ugh, I had a similar experience with my puppy tonight...although it was not mine or my puppy's fault...which makes me even more annoyed about it! While I was gone, somebody (my brother who is moving out of this house) went into my bedroom to get something out of the closet (the 1 thing in the house that was in my room...could have waited, but whatever) and left my closet door my puppy proceeded to chew several pairs of my shoes...I'm not mad at the puppy, cause I did not leave her in that position...I'm beyond pissed at my brother though, for leaving the closet door open...he could have waited to grab that item tomorrow or until I was home. SOOOO mad at him right now!