Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fun night and St Thomas

Tuesday night Chris, Jenny and I all went out for nice dinner followed by drinks on the beach.  We all had a great time.  The next day it rain cats and dog the whole day so we put our jeep on a ferry and went to St Thomas to shop and see what there was to see.

We ended up not buying a thing and determined that we had made the right decision by staying on St John!  It is so much slower and more relaxed and just over all way more pleasant!  Here are some pictures from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sunset from our Veranda

Sunset Tuesday night!

Jenny and Chris at Dinner

Chris and I at the Beach Bar

The 99 stairs up to Blackbeard's castle on St. Thomas.  (there were actually 102.. I counted)

Cruise Ships at port in St Thomas

Flag outside Backbeard's castle.. The castle was actually closed but Jenny sweet talked us in!!  We ended up with a private tour of the castle.  Way to go Jenny. 

Jenny and blackbeard.

We've been captured.

View of St Thomas from the Castle

Jenny and Chris at the Castle... Chris is a pilot and was on his way to work, that is why he is all dressed up. 

Jack Sparrow and I at the Castle. 

View of the almost full moon from the ferry on the way back to St John

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