Thursday, November 24, 2011

Morning Fun

Alex seemed really sleepy so I let him sleep while Matthew and Petunia decorated a cake for the party we are going to today.  Then a bit later Petunia's friend Irene came by to play.   There are a lot of pictures but I just couldn't have fun playing with my new camera... which I LOVE by the way!

Matthew was giving Petunia some loving and was helping her get untangled from her leash. 

Matthew has croup and and another ear infection.  He was so sleepy this morning. 

Such a pretty dog!

Best Buds!  Oh... that's finger paint in Matthew's hair. 

Yippee, tug!!

It is beautiful out today and we had a great time playing in the yard with the puppies. 

A hot tired puppy. 

I couldn't get my sick boy to smile. 

Best buds!

Matthew watching the puppies run. 

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