Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vacation - Day # 1

I left Colorado at one in the morning last night and finally arrived in St John US Virgin Island.  I flew from Denver to Charlotte and then on to Miami where I met up with my friend Jenny for about 30 seconds before she boarded her flight and I had to wait for mine.   When I finally arrived in St Thomas my bag was still somewhere back in the states.  Because I had to make a claim on my bag I missed the ferry that my friend Jenny was waiting for.  Thankfully she was able to check in and get our jeep without me and I was able to make it eventually to the island on a later ferry.

Our condo is amazing!!!!  My friend Melissa found it and arranged it but then had a knee injury and couldn't come.  We have the penthouse with two amazing balconies and a Verni (sp)..  That it a balcony with a bar, sofa, table, TV, etc... It is amazing!!  All of the balconies overlook the marina.  The rest of the place is beautiful!  I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them.

I sat and ate a salad while waiting for the ferry and starred up at the trees. 

Self photo... My first vacation drink... it's called a pain killer... rum and other yummy stuff with nutmeg. 

On the ferry... That is St John in the distant. 

Self portrait #2 on the ferry... Yeah... I've FINALLY made it!

View from one of our balcony. 

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