Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VI Day # 3

We had a great day today.  We slept in and had tee on the deck and relaxed.  Then we headed out to the beach.  We wanted to go to Trunk bay but when we rented fins to go snorkeling the lady told us that we shouldn't go there.... it is the sacrificial reef for cruise ships and there were huge surges and the beach is closed so we drove all away across the island to salt bay.  The beach was really nice and the snorkeling was nice.  We snorkeled forever and ended up over a mile out from shore.  We saw lots of cool stuff!  The swim back was pretty long though!
Can you see me waving Hi from the Jeep... The roads here are CRAZY!!!

Do I look a bit sweaty and hot... yep it's humid here!

Jenny and Chris

Coral Bay

Salt Bay.... one half of it anyways....


Ouch... don't touch the see urchins... they hurt!!!

Puffer fish

Blue Tang... it was over a foot long...

Giant Puffer Fish

Pretty Coral

School of Blue Tangs

Blue Tangs

Awesome turtle that was 2 feet in front of me. 

What a pretty turtle.... she could hold his breath for a really long time. 

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Mama Mayhem said...

So Super jealous right now lol!
Beautiful pictures honey.