Friday, November 11, 2011

Another great day!

Jenny and I slept in today and then hiked about a mile to one of the best snorkeling sites on the island.  We spent nearly 3 hours snorkeling and even snorkeled through a big rain storm.  We saw a lot of great stuff!  I tried to limit the # of photo's I posted but it was really hard!

5 to 6 foot ray right below me!

5-6 foot reef shark!!

Agghh.... The first of many barracuda of the day.  I hate the way they don't move and stare at you. 

See the little yellow fish in the middle?  It is some kind of small really neat trunk fish.... maybe a baby? 

cool brain coral with a Christmas tree worm on it. 

I always post pictures of the male stoplight parrotfish so I thought I should post a a picture of the poor ugly female.  

There were HUGE starfish every where.  They were at least 2-3 feet wide!!

Lots of star fish!

I have never seen this before... I think it is some kind of underwater centipede.  It was really neat to watch move. 

Agghh... yet another Barracuda is starring at me!

There were tons of little neon fish that kept circling around us. 

Peacock Flounder... These are so cool.   Can you see how both eyeballs are on one side?

Giant Cucumber... It was at least a foot long. 


Giant Porcupine fish

Aghh... yet another Barracuda is circling me!  I swear I saw a dozen of them or more. Creepy suckers!

Smooth Trunkfish... there were tons of these.  I followed them around for along time. 

Giant ball of fish

Whoa..... a blacked tipped reef shark came out of nowhere and swam through the fish!

It was so cool to watch it swim around.  I thought it was going to eat one of the fish... but alas.. it did not. 

This is a different type of trunk fish.  It was so pretty! and really big!

I floated on the surface for a bit to take a break.

The hermit crabs where huge!

After our long snorkel we went to Mohan bay to lay in the sand but it kept raining and then we got attacked by killer bugs that left us looking like we had the chicken pox.  This was jenny's solution to both the bugs and the rain.  It wasn't till after we got home that I realized that I had forgot to put sunscreen on my back... ugh... it is so burnt!

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