Thursday, November 10, 2011

A day of diving.

Chris is back at home and Jenny and I are on our own again.  We decided to go diving in the morning and to spend the afternoon wandering St John's many cool shops.  We picked up some cool Christmas gifts!
About to jump in for dive #1 of the day. 

There goes a second spotted eagle ray of the day.. can you see it?   its 5-6 feet across

Trumpet fish

Barrel Coral

Some type of pretty blue coral

coral and feather duster worm... when you come close to the worm it sucks up into a tube... It one of my favorite things to do is make them suck them selves back in... 

There goes an eagle ray... can you see it?  Visibility was absolutely terrible today!

Spotted Moray Eel

Some big spotted fish... don't know what kind. 

Blue Parrotfish

Cow Fish.. Can you see it... it blends in so well. 

yet another feather duster worm. 

our second dive site

Jenny on the boat

Hawksbill Turtle

Spotted Moray Eel #4

Spotted drum.... these are VERY VERY rare and they are usually really small... this one was over a foot long!  I feel super lucky to have seen it...  and even luckier to have been able to get a photo of it!

A humongous lobster!!! It was at least 2-3 feet long... no joke!

Porcupinefish and a cow fish in the back.   My favorite photo of the day!

Tomorrow is going to be our last beach day, as we both head home on Saturday.   We are hoping to go to a bay where there is a manta ray that lives there all the time and there are glass blower artist.  I don't know how they blow glass in this heat...  Then there is another key we want to go to that is suppose to have good snorkeling.  There is a big swell that has kept us from a few keys on the north side but hopefully it will be calmer tomorrow.  

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Raiser Erin said...

Those are some great pictures!

When I was in Sweden a few years ago my brother and his girlfriend's family took me to a glass blowing master and he taught me how to blow glass. I still have my little vase on my desk. :) It's very cool.