Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poor little petunia

Poor petunia just can't get a break! Ears are cleared up, rash is almost gone for now, stitches are staying put in her eyes and then..... I decided to trim her nails. Ugh!! She wiggled and I cut one too deep. It bleed like stink and we couldn't get it to stop. We kept wrapping and rewrapping it. She kept bleeding through every one and it wouldn't stop. Once we got it to stop she would chew the bandage off and it would start again.
We tried the cone of shame but she could still get to her foot. Eventually I gave up and broke guide rules and held her in my arms in bed and went to sleep. I held her all night so she wouldn't eat the wrapping on her foot. At one point though I woke up with my face In her girly parts. Yuck! Her foot bleed a bit more today when she was playing with Irene but then stopped. Poor girl!
Cone of shame....

Petunia with her boo boo


Mandy and Saxon said...

stypic powder or corn starch works wonders for stopping bleeding nails. I haven't found much else that works and they bleed forever! Just stick the whole nail in corn starch, or rub a styptic pencil on it... should stop magically. Sorry to Petunia! But she's pretty darn cute.

Erin said...

i was going to say corn starch too! It looks like the cone you have is for baby puppies. My vet said you can take a towel and roll it then wrap it around their neck. It works as a makeshift cone because they can't turn their head. I'm not sure how well it works but its good to know.