Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pictures of random thingsgetting ready for

Random shots....

I got my green belt!!!

Go Broncos!!!

Alex and his snuggle buddies (Ethan and Will) watching the super bowl!!

Will and Ethan are more interested in the play computer than the Superbowl. 

I work at the new kaiser clinic in Edwards (outside of Vail)... this is the beautiful view from the office. 

"it wasn't my fault that we walked through lots of mud at lunch and I go so covered in dirt that you needed to give me a wipe down bath with baby wipes..."

If you are going to eat my shoe, the rug, my pens, the exercise matt behind my book shelf and your vest (twice) then you are going to spend some time in your kennel... Teenagers.... UGH!

getting ready for Valentines day. 

Maddie's fiance Kris has moved in with us and he loves to play with the boys.  It is so cute to watch them all together!!

The snow finally started to melt and ethan wanted to mow the lawn

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