Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snow day

We had a big snow storm the other week and got over a foot of snow.

The storm begins... as seen from work. 

Now that is a LOT of snow!!

The next day at work Willoughby loved running in the snow!

Um Willoughby you have some snow on your face.

Happy puppy!!

Matthew's day care was closed so he had fun playing with Willoughby at lunch. 

Nap time... So sweet!

Matthew went with me to work on the snow day and Ethan went to my parents house. 

Ethan wouldn't go to sleep for nap time so they got creative and put him to sleep in a tent. 

Grandma and Ethan... what a pair!

Willoughby!!!!  why have you moved the carpet!!!!

Where did you get a tennis ball from????  (a young pt of mine gave it to him)

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