Monday, October 31, 2011


Matthew has a bad cold and is teething molars so we decided not to take him out trick-or-treating this year. We figured he wouldn't really understand it and would have plenty of other years to go.  As it turned out, he had a blast passing out candy to all the kids that came.  He loved dropping the candy into their bags!

My nice camera broke today so I apologize for the quality of pictures.  New camera is on its way!! Yippee!!
My little dragon playing with his airplane.

I was trying to take some nice shots but my camera was not cooperating. 

"hmm... I think I'll shove it back in here..."

"Mommy can I help you pass out candy?"

Petunia helped pass out candy too!

Candy guard dog!

Matthew was so sweet... he would grab a piece of candy and put it in everyone's bag.  It was so sweet that it almost made me cry. 

Petunia quickly got board with the whole thing. 

"Ugh!!! How much longer to have to be dressed like a silly bee?"

Help!!! were being attacked by a dragon and giant killer bee!

Mmmmm... Pizza from Costco with hamburger that mom added.... Yummy!

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