Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Snow of the year!

It seems that we always get one big snow storm in October.  It usually seems to coincide with my mom's visit every year for some reason.  It came two days before her visit this year.  It also always seems that we have big storms on days I have off and never on days where I'm suppose to work.  strange.   We've gotten at least a foot already and it is still falling.

Peaking out our kitchen door this morning

"What is this strange stuff"

"hmm... maybe I'll grab it without my glove..."

"Aagghhh its cold!  I don't like this stuff without my gloves!"

Yep that's some snow. 

no fire tonight

Our poor willow tree has really taken a beating!  Several of the really big branches has broken off. 

Looking around, looking around

I think Matthew was happier playing in the basement with his old baby toys than he was out in the snow.  We may try it again later today.... after his nap when he isn't so cranky.  

Check back later.  I get petunia today and she has a play date set up with Irene at 5 so they can play in the snow together.  I hope to get some good pictures. 


Shelly :) said...

You guys got quite a bit of snow! :) Can't wait to see some picture of Petunia and Irene.

Raiser Erin said...

I surprised. We haven't gotten our first snow here just yet and it's pretty much November. It's actually been unseasonably tepid here. I hope that means the snow won't interfere with travels home like it did last year. :) Hope the puppies and the baby have lots of fun in the snow!