Saturday, March 28, 2015

So cute but so much trouble!

Eddie is a very adorable puppy but he is such a handful!

Cute Eddie with his elephant. 

What a face!

Getting some "loving" form his co-raiser Kit. 

Our outing this past month was IHOP.  This was Eddies first time out.  He wasn't quite sure what to make of it. 

Practicing "kennel" command 

Cinema trying to be calm. 

He finally settled down. 

"what you doing? what you doing?"

What an adorable face!!

Um... excuse me!!!  what are you doing on the couch.... get down!

Again!  What are you doing on the couch!  Get down!

Eddie!  Being on the couch is NOT guide dog approved behavior!  Get Down!

Oh good grief.  How am I every going to get dinner made if Matthew keeps inviting Eddie up on the cough to sleep?  UGH!

I couldn't help snapping this photo before I made him get down.... again!

That's better Eddie, that is where puppies sleep. 

Good boy in your bed!

So snugly!

so sweet when he sleeps!

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