Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Eddie update

Eddie is proving to be a very challenging puppy.  His is for sure not a "soft" puppy and is very headstrong.  But all of mine have been this way so this does not surprise me.

again.... so sweet when he SLEEPS

cute sleepy puppy

hidding away under the chair. 

he discovered the sun beam at work. 

Oh to be able to sleep in a sun beam on a mat made for you all day.... so spoiled!

"waht?  I'm not suppose to be up here?"

"Again... I don't care.... I like sitting here.... What you gonna do about it?"

12 week shots!

we were reading books and then all of a sudden we couldn't find Eddie.  He was on a tie down so how could he be gone?  We found him all tangled up in his tie down under the bed.  

Eddie?!?  Why on earth did you go under the bed?  You're a dog not a cat!

Sleepy boy snuggling his stuffed elephant. 

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