Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random fun times

Frog dog!!

We went to Build a bear and had a blast!!

And of course we had to get gelato afterwards. 

Matthew being silly.

I love this little guy so much!!

"I hate this gentle leader!!!  I will just lay here and pout!"

What a silly sleeper just like the rest of my boys!

Matthew loves his cardboard space ship to color!!


"what?  This cheese wasn't out here for me to play with and eat?"

"oh and i wasn't suppose to smoosh the muffin and throw it all over the floor?" 

"look mom.... I've learned to scream.... really really loudly!" 

What a cuttie!!

Eddie up close and personal

"your yoga mat is now MINE!"

"where's eddie?"

Really?  they are sitting on the table eatting jigglers... silly goofy boys!

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